Big Green EggFest 2018 Registration

Register Now – Buy Your Tickets Online

You can also Call and Register by Phone
CALL 619-482-2468 during store hours.

  • Complete details of the 2018 Eggfest can be found on the Eggfest Info page.
  • We will be offering DEMO EGGS for sale this year, we will start selling these special buys. Click Demo Eggs on the website.
  • All registered Guests should check the list below to verify that your name is printed.
  • If your name is shown you will have a name tag waiting. ID’s will need to be provided at check in.
  • You will not receive a confirmation or tickets to attend, you must check registration list to see if you and your guests are registered.
  • If you have sent in your Eggfest registration form, look for your name listed below.
  • If you don’t see your name, or see problems with your name tag info… contact us at The list is updated every Sunday.

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